Workshop at CISBAT Conference - Low carbon building renovation – how and how much

Together with Pedram Mirabian and Yasmine Priore, Alina Galimshina has held a workshop with the title “Low carbon building renovation – how and how much?”. During the workshop, the topic of building renovation considering various aspects such as thermal insulation, heating systems and renewable energy was discussed. Along with the building retrofit, the parametric real-time assessment tools were provided such as Bombyx and Hive. In the end of the workshop, participants had hands-on exercise on the identification of the most influential parameter in building renovation.

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Conference program : CISBAT 2023

Alina Galimshina
Alina Galimshina
Postdoctoral researcher

Alina has joined the research group as a Postdoctoral researcher to work on environmental assessment of building-integrated photovoltaics and robust sustainable design strategies to improve the environmental performance of buildings. Her research areas are life cycle assessment, environmental building design, life cycle cost analysis, uncertainty quantification and global sensitivity analysis.