Actors’ Network Analysis and Bi-Directional Value Exchange Matrix Development for Living Labs: KTH Live-In-Lab Case Study


In the scientific literature and in practice, quite a lot of attention is paidto the actors’ network analysis in living labs. Still, there is a lack of studies onvalue exchange between different actors in living laboratories. This study selectedthe distributed structure of the actors’ network in living lab since most European residential laboratories function according to this model. In the course of this exploratory study, we conducted two workshops: the first with participants from several European residential laboratories to discuss and co-design a framework for analyzingthe exchange of value between different stakeholders, and the second workshop—case study, where the proposed framework was applied on the actors network of the existed living laboratory—KTH Live-in-Lab. As a result, we got a detailed pictureof the network of actors and value exchange within the value co-creation model forKTH Live-in-Lab (Smart Home Services project).

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Elena Malakhatka
Elena Malakhatka
Postdoctoral researcher

My research interests include User Research, Applied behaviour science to the built environment and Human-Building Interaction (HBI)