Nonwoven geotextile scour protection at offshore wind parks, application and life cycle assessment


The sand surrounding a construction (e.g. monopile) for mounting an offshore wind turbine, could be scoured due to the affection of natural water flow at the ocean floor. To tackle the phenomena, scour protection methods have been established. Mostly rocks are used, but also one alternative, described in this paper, has been used already successfully: The installation of Geotextile Sand Containers.

Proceedings and Monographs in Engineering, Water and Earth Sciences
Holger Wallbaum
Holger Wallbaum
Full Professor, Vice-Head of Department and Vice-Dean for Research

Holger is a Full Professor in sustainable building at the Division of Building Technology, research group Sustainable Building, and in the Area of advance Building Futures. Holger works within sustainable building on concepts, tools and strategies to enhance the sustainability performance of construction materials, building products, buildings as well as entire cities.