End Use Energy Services Framework Co-Creation with Multiple Stakeholders-A Living Lab-Based Case Study


End use energy services have an important role in the ongoing energy transition process by improving the value proposition to the customer through better needs fulfillment and experience and providing system value to the energy system. This study presents a framework for end use energy services, developed as a result of co-creation with multiple stakeholders for a case study in a living lab context. The framework has been co-created using the principles of systems thinking to identify and map both existing and emerging elements and interactions within the energy system and customers. The framework is organized to include aspects from energy system and human system perspectives and divides the energy services development process into three distinct stages. The development stages comprise the strategic planning stage, service design stage, and solution stage. Key considerations are provided for each stage to develop a clearer understanding of the overall end use energy service process.

Elena Malakhatka
Elena Malakhatka
Postdoctoral researcher

My research interests include User Research, Applied behaviour science to the built environment and Human-Building Interaction (HBI)