Product-Service Systems Delivered by SMEs During Building Use Stage :


The building use stage offers the opportunity to provide valuable and sustainable product-service systems (PSS) that enhance the buildings’ value for the end-users. Many of them are delivered by networks of stakeholders that actively involve small andmedium enterprises (SMEs). We have combined an existing literature review with the multiple stakeholders’ feedback to identify several problems and define the main hypothesis: diverse and presented in a structural way information about PSS can contribute to a better understanding of the added value by multiple stakeholders. We have co-created a list of criteria, which were formed into the sustainability multi-criteria framework. The proposed framework also supplements PSS-specific criteria, such as PSS type, PSS collaborative partnership networks type, and PSS integration type. A list of findings related to the topic was declared to help further develop the study, such as the correlations between PSS-related and PSS sustainability-oriented criteria.

Smart and sustainable collaborative networks 4.0 (PRO-VE 2021)
Elena Malakhatka
Elena Malakhatka
Postdoctoral researcher

My research interests include User Research, Applied behaviour science to the built environment and Human-Building Interaction (HBI)