Relationship between Human Thermal Comfort and Indoor Thermal Environment Parameters in Various Climatic Regions of China


Architectural design is based on the reliability and rationality of construction standards. The thermal comfort standard is a very important part of construction standards. In this study, Chinese researches about the field survey of various areas were summarized. The distribution range of thermal comfo rt temperature and neutral temperature were obtained by using the PMV evaluation index. The neutral temperature of different types of buildings in different seasons was summarized. Its relationship with indoor parameters was analyzed in detail. These findings provide a basis for the formulation of building specifications and architectural design in future.

Procedia Engineering
Quan Jin
Quan Jin
Senior researcher

Quan Jin is Senior Researcher in the research group Sustainable Building at the Division of Building Technology, and in the Area of advance Energy. She conducts research on indoor environmental quality from multiple disciplinary perspectives, and their impact on building energy efficiency and occupant health and comfort. The goal is to create tools and knowledge to improve human well-being and productivity in sustainable buildings while minimizing the energy consumption.