From Housing Inequality to Sustainable, Inclusive and Affordable Housing Solutions

Supported by the EU Horizon 2023 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 101132325

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EqualHouse aims to identify, analyse and tackle the most significant dimensions of housing inequality across Europe. Designed with both transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary elements, EqualHouse will provide housing policymakers and other key stakeholders with robust, evidence-based guidance on how to address these inequalities in a sustainable, inclusive and affordable way. The project involves a consortium of 12 project partners from around Europe and is funded by the 2023 EU Horizon programme. European Union flag

Chalmers University of Technology will provide expertise in tackling energy poverty and unsustainable housing. Emiline Elangovan, a PhD student part of the Sustainable Building research group, will work closely with EqualHouse in her doctoral research with the support of Holger Wallbaum (project lead Chalmers and co-supervisor) and Liane Thuvander (main supervisor).

Project partners:

  • Charokopeio Panepistimio (Greece)
  • Comite Europeen De Coordination De L’habitat Social AISBL (Belgium)
  • Federation Europeenne D’associations Nationales Travillant Avec Les Sans-Abri (Belgium)
  • International Union of Tenants (Sweden)
  • Just Cities (Netherlands)
  • University College Dublin (Ireland)
  • University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)
  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)
  • Perfieria Kozpolitikai Es Kutatokozpont KFT (Hungary)
  • Tilburg University (Netherlands)
  • Uniwersytet Warszawski (Poland)
Holger Wallbaum
Holger Wallbaum
Full Professor, Vice-Head of Department and Vice-Dean for Research

Holger is a Full Professor in sustainable building at the Division of Building Technology, research group Sustainable Building, and in the Area of advance Building Futures. Holger works within sustainable building on concepts, tools and strategies to enhance the sustainability performance of construction materials, building products, buildings as well as entire cities.