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The DecarbonAIte project aims to extract data on building characteristics from public databases. Use this information to elaborate and reinforce urban digital twin models. Finally, through this platform, to propose optimal renovation measures. The system to be implemented targets various stakeholders, from building owners to policy makers. To achieve the objectives of the project, it is proposed:

  • First, to automate the extraction of the necessary information from public databases for the assessment of building energy performance, environmental impact and life cycle costs.
  • Secondly, to feed the city’s digital twins with the collected data.
  • Third, develop a method to link the data from the digital twins with the building assessment tools in an automated way.
  • Finally, to enable them to propose optimal renovation measures, based on cost and environmental impact over the whole life cycle of the building.

The end product is a user-friendly platform where stakeholders can analyse different options and take informed action.

Alex Gonzalez Caceres
Alex Gonzalez Caceres
Postdoctoral researcher

My research interests include sustainable architecture, indoor environment assessment and the application of LCC and LCA in the renovation of existing buildings.

Alexander Hollberg
Alexander Hollberg
Associate Professor

Alexander Hollberg is Assistant Professor in the Division of Building Technology, at Chalmers.

Sanjay Somanath
Sanjay Somanath
PhD Student

Sanjay Somanath is a PhD student in the Department of Architecture and Civil engineering. The focus of his research is Social sustainability in neighbourhoods, specialising in computational design methods and GIS.