Second “Size of the Society” workshop in Debrecen (Hungary)

The image is the logo, name, and date of the workshop. Image by Mihaly Dombi

The second edition of the “Size of the Society” workshop took place at the University of Debrecen (Hungary) on April 21st, 2023. Maud Lanau, Assistant Professor at Sustainable building, was invited to present and moderate the session “Work-in-progress” there. Among other ongoing work, she presented the aim, objectives, and ongoing work in the CREATE project.

The program of the workshop also included a second session focused on “Recent advances in material stock research”, a plenary talk, and a discussion on “Science communication in the era of a global ecological crisis” during which local NGO representatives and journalists took part.

The workshop, organized by Dr Mihály Dombi and Piroska Harazin, was successful in reaching its aim of providing a discussion platform for researchers on the topic of material stocks and services, and in reflecting on how to transfer research results to actors outside of academia. A summary of the workshop (in Hungarian) can be found here.

Maud Lanau
Maud Lanau
Assistant Professor

My research interests include socioeconomic metabolism and understanding the potential of built environment stocks for circular economy.