Rhino user meeting in Basel

universeum meeting

On Friday 17th March, the Bombyx team has attended the Rhino user meeting organized by McNeel in collaboration with Herzog de Meuron – Bombyx is a design-integrated tool for real-time Life cycle assessment (LCA), which was created to facilitate the use of LCA during the early design stage of a building. Bombyx is based on 3D software Rhinoceros and grasshopper as a visual programming language.

During the presentation, the structure of the tool was shown along with the workflow of simplified LCA. We are glad to announce that recently Bombyx was also successfully merged with Hive, the energy analysis tool created by the chair of Architecture and building systems at ETH Zurich. The future development of Bombyx includes the visualizer, carbon storage assessment, and future climate projections.

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Alina Galimshina
Alina Galimshina
Postdoctoral researcher

Alina has joined the research group as a Postdoctoral researcher to work on environmental assessment of building-integrated photovoltaics and robust sustainable design strategies to improve the environmental performance of buildings. Her research areas are life cycle assessment, environmental building design, life cycle cost analysis, uncertainty quantification and global sensitivity analysis.