Advances in LCA course

Poster presentation by Liza Sellström, Luleå University of Technology

Three PhD students from the Sustainable Building research group attended the Advances in LCA course which was offered in collaboration between Chalmers (TME department) and SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Science) in Uppsala. The course covered topics like :

  • Perspectives on LCA and environmental analysis;
  • The history of LCA; LCA in legislation;
  • LCA as a multi-purpose tool in the organization;
  • Actors in the life cycle;
  • Attributional/Consequential LCA;
  • Data selection;
  • Time in LCA;
  • Prospective LCA;
  • Uncertainties in LCA;
  • Fundamental LCIA concepts and methods;
  • Biodiversity; Waste Management;
  • Water Footprint; Climate impact;
  • Monetary valuation;
  • AI in LCA;
  • Life Cycle Costing;
  • Social LCA; and
  • Life cycle sustainability assessment.

Beyond poster presentations of each student research project, students also presented a group project where a research grant proposal was developed by groups with widely differing backgrounds and research subject. All in all, three great weeks of collaboration, exchange, and intense discussions about LCA topics.

Toivo Säwén
Toivo Säwén
PhD Student

My research interests are bringing sustainability tools to architects for use in early design stages.

Shuang Wang
Shuang Wang
PhD Student

My research interests include sustainable architecture, indoor environment assessment and the application of LCC and LCA in the renovation of existing buildings.