Maud’s research focuses on the sustainability potential offered by the extensive quantities of secondary resources stocked as buildings and infrastructures. She uses systems thinking to investigate how to reduce environmental impacts of built environments while still providing sufficient services key to human wellbeing. Working within the paradigms of industrial ecology, socioeconomic metabolism, and circular economy, she combines approaches and tools such as material stock and flow analysis, carbon accounting, geographical information system, remote sensing, and stakeholder collaboration.

  • Industrial Ecology
  • Socioeconomic metabolism
  • Circular economy
  • Built environment stocks
  • PhD in Environmental Engineering, 2020

    The University of Southern Denmark

  • MSc in Industrial Ecology, 2014

    Chalmers University of Technology

  • Mastère in Housing Engineering, 2011

    University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse

  • BSc in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, 2012

    University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse

  • BSc in Applied Physics, 2009

    University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse